Skin care routine. (PART II)

Procrastination turn the part II into a very long-awaited post. Please, avoid this action  (read: procrastination is not good)  
You must be wondering why I picked out and decided to show my constant support towards our local prods as my skincare though I know that it did not even work on my skin, is just bc of this reason: The way they commercialise their prods, how they manipulate their profit-oriented by manufacturing one beauty-line product, lift up my confidence level to even give them a try!-not until I know that they are just a money-wasted plus a skin-destroyed product. Somehow they are just deceiving me by using one single testimonial which always be one photo of a girl with perfect unblemished after one week consuming their skincare range and came cross my mind that this girl was sooo beautiful that I melted and under that impression me too have to apply the same skincare routine as hers to get that complexion as hers. Funny aite? 

You may judge me as one who have that enthusiastic value towards beauty and can be easily tricked by the advertisement on the board. A girl is always a girl. Yazz I am a beauty addict. Who on earth do not love to have that desirable flaw-less look complexion? Tell me who. The latest star for nine A+ SPM scorer also puts brain and beauty at the same and equal level, yazz she stunned the crowd with her striking resemblance to local actress, yazz I'd like to mention neelofa.

Back to the topic: Skin care routine.

After one year suffered from inflamed face and angry zits filled with pus (read: skin ravage experience), alhamdulillah, feeling so grateful that finally I found out there's still one prod, no more local prod, that restore everything back to normal, but surely there are no easy solutions to anyone who battling their acne-prone prob and yazzz somehow you have to give a try-and-error method to solve this problem. Again, whatever works on me might not as well works on you.
What's the product? Here!

Clinelle Whiten Up!
The morning or night routine is one of those things I assume everyone does the same way - some may do it differently, but as long as the routine glows your skin then why not?

  1. As for a cleanser, I know it's tempting  to grab the one covered in marketing promises, but it's a better idea to go for one labeled "gentle" , "pH balanced" and "fragrance free" and Clinelle is one of those. 
  2. Splash that lukewarm water on your face. I use precision pore cleansing pad from Sephora (which cost about RM22 kot) in a circular motion to apply the cleanser
  3. Enough to work up a good lather in my chosen medium, recommended to pay special attention to the T-zone and U-zone (just under my jawline where people tend to miss)
  4. Use a washcloth - pat down to dry off after rinsing off my cleanser 
  5. Been obediently applying toner (Aiken toner cost about RM5.90 at any Guardian outlet or Clinelle toner itself which cost about RM17.90 after sale)
  6. Last one is Moisturizer. The one I'm using is from Clinelle Moisture Glow. This one I grab from my sister, and I've no idea how much she'd spent on this. 
  7. Done! Note that I only do all these for my night routine and I do not have any morning routine and basically bc I do not know why. But wait, I think it might probably bc at night my skin is rebuilding some of the oils that I need to keep my skin young, and it balances the pH (funny aiteee?) 

Afterall, this is my skin care routine. The only advice is to always wash your face at night and if your skin is dirty in the morning, it means you did not clean well at night. You have to clean it really really well at night! and of course, choose the right skincare for your skin or you might as well regret about that! Till then, take care lovelieees.